Tuesday, September 28, 2021

[Korea] LPG vehicles to be allowed for everyone in Korea

"Under legislation passed Wednesday morning, anyone in South Korea can now buy a liquefied petroleum gas-fueled vehicle. Previously, only taxis and rental cars could use LPG fuel." An excerpt from The Korea Herald

Washington House passes clean-fuels legislation sought by Inslee

"Gov. Jay Inslee and some lawmakers are also proposing to phase out fossil fuels in power production, phase out hydrofluorocarbons, boost electric vehicles and increase energy conservation standards in buildings. Inslee is running for president with an almost singular focus on climate change. House Bill 1110, which would lower the greenhouse-gas emissions from transportation fuels, passed 53 to 43. After...

[ICAO] CORSIA implementation on course

Agreement was reached for the operationalization of TAB (Technical Advisory Body), a group of experts nominated by States with a mandate to make recommendations to the Council, regarding “eligible emissions units” for use by airlines in CORSIA.  The Council also approved the Emissions Units Criteria (EUC), which would be used by TAB to undertake the assessment of emissions unit programmes, and subsequently make recommendations on eligible units.  An open invitation will be issued on the ICAO CORSIA website, by which emissions unit programmes that wish to be considered by TAB for eligibility in CORSIA can apply. 

UK carbon emissions down six years in a row

Emissions fell to 361 million tonnes, their lowest level since 1888 The amount of carbon pollution per person was 5.4 tonnes, the lowest it has been since 1858, the analysis by energy and climate website Carbon Brief indicates.... An excerpt from Energy Voice