German government would rather save the coalition than the climate, says activis


Despite ongoing protests from society and science, last week the German government approved the key components of its so-called climate packet. But Luisa Neubauer, a leading figure in Germany’s Fridays for Future movement, says the package won’t be enough for Germany to reach the climate goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.


We have to perceive and understand ourselves as a society. Older people bear much more of the responsibilty than the younger generations. For young people, this means turning to those who have responsibility and make the decisions. For the older generation, this means understanding that they are part of the solution. Unless they become an active and conscious part of the solution they are inevitably part of the problem.

How optimistic are you that global temperatures won’t rise above 1.5 degrees?

I am not optimstic — I am “possible-istic.” I see it as a possibilty. Now we need to make sure that the possible also becomes possible

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