Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Cop26 climate talks in Glasgow likely to be delayed by a year (20.05.18 ~ 20.05.31)

…Vital international climate talks due to be hosted by the UK are expected to be delayed until late next year because of the coronavirus crisis, it has emerged, dashing hopes they could be reconvened sooner. The UN talks, known as Cop26, were to be held in Glasgow this November, but in early April...

Trump Administration Moves to Limit Climate Reviews for Federal Projects (20.01.06 ~ 20.01.12)

... The anticipated rules won’t change what has been the common practice at most federal agencies since President Trump took office three years ago—which has been to check a box on climate change while ignoring a project’s true contribution to global warming when carrying out reviews mandated by the National Environmental Policy Act.

Australia And The Climate Apocalypse (19.12.30~20.01.05)

... The news about the fires in Australia is just that: unimaginable. While some idiots insist that the situation is part of a phenomenon that is repeated every year, the reality is that the magnitude and gravity of this year’s blazes is unprecedented: 18 people have already died, several dozen more are missing, the...

2020: a crunch year for the biodiversity and climate emergencies (19.12.23~19.12.29)

Humans depend for their very survival on stable and healthy ecosystems and urgent action is needed in 2020 to get the world on track to a more sustainable future. This is a “super year” for the environment—a make or break year in which key international meetings will set the tone and agenda for environmental action in the...

Korea Global Adaptation Week to Chart a Path to a Climate-Resilient Future

world experts and leaders will meet next week at the Korea Global Adaptation Week in Songdo (8-12 April) to discuss ways to enhance adaptation to climate change. Hosted by the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea, the Korea Global Adaptation Week is organized by UN Climate Change, the Korea Environment Institute (KEI), the Korea Adaptation Centre for Climate...

[UNFCCC] Global Energy Interconnection Is Crucial for Paris Goals

The required acceleration of the global shift to low carbon can only be achieved through a combination of clean energy generation, modern transmission technologies and power grid interconnectivity, which all play important roles in the transition... An excerpt from UNFCCC