Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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‘20.08.31~’20.09.06 World’s first ‘carbon-capture at sea’ set for shipping trials

...Japanese shipbuilding giant Mitsubishi announced on Monday (31 August) that it will build and test a carbon-capture system for ships, aimed at significantly reducing the emissions of the maritime sector....In 2018, members of the International Maritime Organisation agreed to club together and work towards a 50% cut in emissions by mid-century. Technologies like hydrogen, ammonia and even...

China Shipbuilding Industry Company Limited (CSICL) to Trial Blockchain for Supply Chain Finances

A recent report from Chinese media outlet People’s Daily has confirmed that China Shipbuilding Industry Company Limited (CSICL) is going to experiment with blockchain technology to see if it can be used to finance their upstream suppliers. CSICL is a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) which is one of the two biggest shipping conglomerates from China. CSICL is...

The Effects of Changes to Marine Fuel Sulfur Limits in 2020 on Energy Markets

As the implementation date for the 0.5% sulfur cap approaches, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) expects that shifts in petroleum product pricing may begin as early as mid-to-late 2019. EIA anticipates that the effects on petroleum prices will be most acute in 2020, and the effects on prices will be moderate after that.... An excerpt from US Energy Information...

Maersk looks at biofuels as it sets its sights on carbon neutrality by 2050

The Mette Maersk, one of the company’s biggest vessels, will this month set off on a 25,000 nautical miles round trip from Rotterdam to Shanghai using a blend containing 20 percent of so-called second-generation biofuel produced from plant waste. The switch should save the environment 1.5 million kilograms of CO2, the equivalent of what 200 households emit in a...

GoodFuels and Varo extend partnership to scale biofuels

Dutch renewable fuel producer GoodFuels announced that it has extended its partnership with Varo Energy subsidiary Reinplus Fiwado Bunker to improve access to biofuels for deep sea vessels leaving from Rotterdam.... An excerpt from Biofules International

First inland vessel on 100% sustainable biofuel for Heineken

Sustainable biofuel pioneer GoodFuels and partner REINPLUS FIWADO Bunker have fuelled the ‘For Ever’, the first inland vessel from Combined Cargo Terminals (CCT) that runs fully on 100% sustainable biofuel. The demonstration consists of 50%-blend and 100% sustainable biofuel deliveries. This extensive demonstration is possible thanks to the financial support of a temporary incentive scheme ‘Clean inland shipping and sustainable logistics...

Korea to impose tougher regulations in harbors to halve dust pollution

The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and the Ministry of Environment on Tuesday signed an agreement to cooperate on reducing fine dust level at harbors, believed to be the culprit for 10 percent of the fine dust pollution in the country. Their cooperation will include regulating the level of sulfur in fuel for ships, securing eco-friendly loading/unloading facilities, and...

Shipping and carbon: EU and IMO systems to align

"The globally applicable IMO DCS system currently runs in parallel with the EU MRV, thus duplicating regulation for shipping companies whose ships sail both inside and outside the EU." An excerpt from Hellenic Shipping News

[Report] Including estimates of Black Carbon emissions in the Fourth IMO GHG Study

"Conclusions 1. Blackcarbonisthesecondlargestcontributortoshipping’s climate warming impacts. 2. Blackcarbonisarelevantsubstancethatcontributesto climate change. 3. Blackcarbonhasbeenmeasuredfrommarineenginesand from ship stacks. 4. Blackcarbonemissionfactorsareavailableandcanbe improved. 5. Blackcarbonemissionsinventoriesforglobalshippingexist and can be improved. 6. Blackcarbonemissionsestimatescanandshouldbe included in the Fourth IMO GHG Study." An excerpt fromICCT