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20.10.12~20.10.18 NASA Supercomputing Study Breaks Ground For Tree Mapping, Carbon Research

Scientists from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and international collaborators demonstrated a new method for mapping the location and size of trees growing outside of forests, discovering billions of trees in arid and semi-arid regions and laying the groundwork for more accurate global measurement of carbon storage on land. Using powerful...

Brazil leverages carbon markets for poor farmers

A carbon market in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is distributing revenues to farmworkers rather than landowners.... An excerpt from Partners for Sustainability

The Carbon Offset Market: Leveraging Forest Carbon’s Value In The Brazilian Amazon

A government-run program in the Amazon rainforest in northwestern Brazil transforms forest carbon value into public wealth by focusing on labor rather than land rights. In the Brazilian state of Acre, some of the revenue from carbon credits is distributed to rural laborers and family farmers without land rights. ... An excerpt from Scien Mag

Venezuela’s oil production drops by half during blackouts

Rolling blackouts across much of the country that started on March 7 paralyzed most of the country’s oil wells and rigs, which have slowly come back online. Oil output averaged less than 600,000 bpd during the blackouts, the people said, who asked not to be identified because the information isn’t public. For the full month, daily production was 890,000...

China Offers To Help Venezuela As Power Outage Enters Sixth Day

"China hopes that the Venezuelan side can discover the reason for this issue as soon as possible and resume normal power supply and social order," the spokesman said during a press conference in Beijing. China is willing to provide help and technical support to restore Venezuela's power grid." An excerpt from Business Times

Venezuela: Electricity Recovery Continues as US Withdraws Diplomatic Staff

"US officials have threatened new sanctions while Venezuelan authorities continue reactivating the electric grid." An excerpt from Venezuelanalysis