Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Namibia moving toward embracing IPPs

The stumbling block, which has been preventing many Independent Power Producers (IPPs) from entering the Namibian electricity market, appears to have been moved after the country’s power utility, NamPower, signed power purchase agreements with 18 IPPs.... An excerpt from Southern Times

EDF Renewables strengthens its presence in distributed solar power in China with its partner Asia Clean Capital

EDF Renewables in China is acquiring a majority stake in a 77 MWp rooftop PV assets portfolio from Asia Clean Capital (ACC), one of China’s biggest firms in this segment, for local and multinational companies and industries. For the past year, ACC and EDF Renewables have been in partnership in the construction and operation of a shared B2B portfolio of...

California’s wildfire threat could be an opportunity for clean-energy microgrids

"The state’s biggest investor-owned utilities, Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison, are expected to de-energize power lines more frequently this year to stop them from igniting fires when the weather is dry and windy.  Whole communities can go dark for hours or even days.. With those concerns in mind, some energy companies are urging state officials to incentivize...

Three more US states pledge shift to decarbonised grid

"Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois – have all made moves in the opening days of March to move to decarbonise their state’s electricity supply and transition to 100% renewable energy, highlighting the importance of clean energy in 2018’s elections and the recent introduction of the Democrats’ Green New Deal." An excerpt from Renew Economy