Wednesday, January 20, 2021

CDFA and Air Resources Board launch public-private partnership to advance carbon farming

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Food and Agriculture and the California Air Resources Board are announcing the launch of a public-private initiative to advance climate smart agriculture and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on agricultural lands. This partnership will create a mechanism for leading businesses in the food and fiber supply chain to directly fund climate projects on California...

20.10.12~20.10.18 NASA Supercomputing Study Breaks Ground For Tree Mapping, Carbon Research

Scientists from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and international collaborators demonstrated a new method for mapping the location and size of trees growing outside of forests, discovering billions of trees in arid and semi-arid regions and laying the groundwork for more accurate global measurement of carbon storage on land. Using powerful supercomputers and machine learning algorithms, the...

[UK] The deadline for UK operators to surrender allowances extended from 15 March 2019 to 26 March 2019.

"This legislation would extend the deadline for UK operators to surrender allowances from 15 March 2019 to 26 March 2019. The deadline for UK operators to report their 2018 emissions to their regulator remains 11 March 2019." An excerpt from Parliament UK

UK further postpones EU ETS compliance deadline

The UK government has again pushed back its deadline for firms to surrender EU emissions trading system (ETS) allowances to cover their emissions from the 2018 calendar year, following the EU's decision to delay the UK's EU exit.... An excerpt from Argusmedia

Guangdong carbon market closes higher

Carbon emissions allowances closed at 22.49 yuan (3.35 U.S. dollars) per tonne on Wednesday, 0.13 percent up from Tuesday, at the China Emissions Exchange (Guangzhou), the largest local carbon market in China. The allowances, officially known as Guangdong Emissions Allowances (GDEA).. Since its opening in December 2013, the market has traded 112.13 million tonnes of GDEA, with a total turnover...

[Australia] Labor edges away from using Kyoto credits to reach Paris target

Bill Shorten has signalled Labor is highly unlikely to use carryover credits from the Kyoto protocol as part of its climate change policy, which will be unveiled over the coming weeks. Labor has already released its policy for reducing emissions in the electricity sector. Shortly the opposition will unveil the rest of its policy measures, expected to include a trading...

‘Unrelenting and unhedgeable’: the EU’s largest emitter on Brexit’s carbon trading risks

The risks presented by Brexit to the largest emitting company in the EU ETS are unrelenting and unhedgeable, according to RWE Supply and Trading’s head of regulatory affairs....An excerpt from Carbon Pulse

MSCI to acquire Carbon Delta

Founded in 2015, Carbon Delta is a global leader for climate change scenario analysis. Together, MSCI and Carbon Delta will create an extensive climate risk assessment and reporting offering for the institutional market, providing global investors with solutions to help them better understand the impact of climate change on their investment portfolios and comply with mandatory and voluntary climate...

Quebec cap-and-trade revenues exceed $3 billion as carbon market withstands ontario withdrawal

"A new infusion of C$215 million has pushed Quebec’s cumulative carbon cap-and-trade revenues above the $3 billion mark, at just the moment when Ontario has cancelled its carbon pricing program and Alberta’s Jason Kenney is vowing to do the same if he wins the provincial election later this year. Two key decisions contributed to that stability, CBC notes: the participating...

Farming to be carbon-neutral if credit was given to pasture and hedges – Healy

Irish farming would achieve carbon-neutral status if permanent pasture and hedgerows received credit for the sequestration, IFA president Joe Healy has said. ... An excerpt from FarmersJournal

World first soil carbon project a giant leap for humankind

The Grounds Keeping Project sequestered 11t CO2-e/ha on farm land between baseline and second round soil sampling over a period of 1 year. This level of sequestration is equivalent to what might be expected from an environmental plantings project in the same region. Furthermore, it is not taking land out of food production, meaning it is agriculture plus carbon...

EU states dole out another 62 mln free EUAs, bringing 2019 completion rate to near 80%

A handful of EU member states doled out another 61.7 million free carbon allowances in the past two weeks, with laggards Italy and Spain making big steps towards completing their 2019 allocations....An excerpt from Carbon Pulse

CN Markets: Guangdong ETS value soars 460% as signs of scarcity attract investors

China’s biggest cap-and-trade market saw a 460% year-on-year increase in value over Q1 as institutional investors entered amid signs of the scheme’s historical allowance surplus drying up, pushing prices up to four-year highs in the process.... An excerpt from Carbon Pulse

Emissions Trading announcement is incentive for farmers

Forest owners believe the just announced reform of the Emissions Trading Scheme will encourage farm foresters and hill country pastoral farmers to plant more trees. Farm Forestry Association Chair, Neil Cullen, says carbon average accounting, where a forester is not penalised for harvesting so long as they replant, will encourage farmers to plant out land in forests, without a concern...

South Carolina forestland owners’ willingness to accept compensations for carbon sequestration

This study investigated South Carolina forestland owners’ willingness to generate and sell carbon credits to California’s cap-and-trade program. We used a sample of 784 private forestland owners’ responses to a contingent valuation survey in SC. As part of the main objectives of this study, our estimated average willingness to accept (WTA) in order to supply carbon credits to California’s...

New Zealand wins cautious support for carbon credit plan

New Zealand’s ETS consultation process has drawn support for allowing ETS companies to buy a limited amount of carbon credits from abroad, but a significant minority want restrictions such as having the government make the purchases or banning international units outright.... An excerpt from Carbon Pulse

German government examines CO₂ price – media reports

The country’s transport ministry also wants the new climate cabinet, recently set up by Chancellor Angela Merkel, to debate CO₂ pricing in multiple sectors, according to ministry documents seen by Clean Energy Wire — although a CO₂ price was not included in the ministry’s draft recommendations for reducing transport emissions. ... An excerpt from Clean Energy Wire

Smaller Impact From Carbon Tax In NS Due To ‘Cap And Trade’

On Monday, the federal government began levying its carbon tax on greenhouse gas-emitting fuels in four provinces that refused to take part in the national climate framework and create their own carbon pricing system.... An excerpt from CJLS

Buying international permits is a cheap way to cut emissions. It’s that simple

Labor has proposed using international permits as part of its climate policy measures to allow high-emitting businesses to reduce their pollution at least cost. Sticking with basic facts, using international permits to lower the costs associated with reducing pollution was something the Coalition said it was prepared do. So stay with me. The government that flagged using international permits, with a...

Delta Is Offsetting the Carbon Emissions From 300,000 Passengers for Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, Delta Air Lines is offsetting the carbon impact of more than 300,000 passengers’ flights. The airline announced Monday that it would offset the carbon emissions of passengers flying on domestic routes out of New York, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, Raleigh-Durham and Atlanta on Earth Day.... An excerpt from Travel Leisure

Brazil leverages carbon markets for poor farmers

A carbon market in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest is distributing revenues to farmworkers rather than landowners.... An excerpt from Partners for Sustainability

EUが水素社会へのシフトを宣言。2030年までに1000万トンの再生可能水素生産を目指す (20.08.10~20.08.16)

…2020年7月8日、EU(欧州連合)が『A Hydrogen Strategy for a climate neutral Europe 』という宣言を発表しました。意訳すると「欧州が気候変動に対応するための戦略として水素を重視する」といったところでしょうか。...まず2020~2024年までに6ギガワットの電力を使い100万トンのリニューアブル水素を生み出す計画としています。続いて、2025~2030年には40ギガワットで1000万トンの水素を生産することを目指します。そうして2030年以降は、主たるエネルギーを水素としてCO2フリーの社会を築くというのが目標です。… An excerpt from - 20.08.10 (Mon.). Arctic wildfires emit more CO2 in two months than whole of 2019 | Dhaka Tribune - 20.08.11 (Tue.). Australia sets out plans to store CO2 in oil and gas reservoirs - Energy Live News BASF calculates CO2 footprint of all products - Packaging Europe - 20.08.12 (Wen.). CO2 GRO Inc. Discusses Their...

Natural Habitat Adventures to Offset Carbon Emissions for All Travelers

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, 2019, Natural Habitat Adventures, the world's first 100-percent carbon-neutral travel company, will now offset the carbon emissions stemming from all its guests’ air travel as of 2019 – effectively counteracting approximately 20,000 metric tons (roughly 40 million pounds) of CO2 in a single year. The decision is expected to boost the company’s...

Climate Change Minister James Shaw snubs two-tier Emissions Trading Schemes

Climate Change Minister Minister James Shaw has snubbed recommendations from the environment watchdog for two separate Emissions Trading Schemes — one for fossil fuels and one for farming and forestry. Shaw and Forestry Minister Shane Jones later announced a change to the ETS that will change how forest owners are paid for the carbon their trees absorb from 2021. The...

Virginia completes rule to allow trading with RGGI

Virginia air regulators have finalized a regulation that imposes a declining cap on carbon emissions from the state's utilities and is intended to allow trading with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) cap-and-trade program in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. However, Gov. Ralph Northam (D) is facing pressure to issue a line-item veto of a GOP-authored provision in the state...

Brexit vote drives bullish EU ETS options market

"All of the open interest added yesterday was in call options with a strike price above the December 2019 contract's prevailing value — suggesting that options holders expect EU ETS prices to increase between now and December, when the contract expires." An excerpt from Argus Media

Fiat Chrysler to pay Tesla for CO2 emissions credits

Fiat Chrysler (FCA) confirmed Sunday (7 April) that it is to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to Tesla, the zero-emissions electric carmakers, to avoid getting hit by European Commission fines. The statement from the California-based firm confirmed a report in the Financial Times that FCA was paying Tesla, whose electric cars have no CO2 emissions. Tesla has made over $1...

[US] Cap-and-trade bill divides businesses

"A cap-and-trade plan(the Clean Energy Jobs Bill) under discussion at the state Legislature could tax emissions from around 100 facilities in Oregon, including Wauna, and has some hopeful for a new push to fight climate change and expand green industries. The state is widely expected to link its program with the Western Climate Initiative implementing similar programs in California and Quebec,...

The Carbon Offset Market: Leveraging Forest Carbon’s Value In The Brazilian Amazon

A government-run program in the Amazon rainforest in northwestern Brazil transforms forest carbon value into public wealth by focusing on labor rather than land rights. In the Brazilian state of Acre, some of the revenue from carbon credits is distributed to rural laborers and family farmers without land rights. ... An excerpt from Scien Mag

French low-carbon label plants seeds of agricultural and forestry transition

Created by a decree adopted on 28 November 2018, the low-carbon label was officially presented to the Ecological Transition Ministry on 23 April. Its aim is to encourage the development of projects that reduce and sequester greenhouse gas emissions. The label intends to promote these projects throughout the country, regardless of whether companies, local authorities, associations or even individuals are...