Trump’s Next Chief of Staff Is Open to Doing More on Climate (20.03.09 ~ 20.03.15)


In selecting Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina to serve as his next chief of staff, President Trump is bringing into the White House a Republican lawmaker who has raised concerns about climate change and expressed a desire to do something about it.

Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general, accepted climate science and even worked to better prepare the military for extreme weather events and rising sea levels during his stint as chief of U.S. Southern Command from 2012 to 2016.

Mulvaney, for his part, encouraged a revival of the challenge to climate science. He met with William Happer, a former National Security Council senior director and emeritus Princeton University professor who believes the world needs more carbon dioxide, to advance an adversarial review of the National Climate Assessment.

Meadows has some experience in dealing with climate-related issues such as renewable energy. Not long after he graduated from college, Meadows worked as a director of customer relations at the Tampa Electric utility in Florida, which he described on the House floor as a “wind, solar and geothermal expert for an electric utility.”

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