Australia And The Climate Apocalypse (19.12.30~20.01.05)


The news about the fires in Australia is just that: unimaginable. While some idiots insist that the situation is part of a phenomenon that is repeated every year, the reality is that the magnitude and gravity of this year’s blazes is unprecedented: 18 people have already died, several dozen more are missing, the conflagration has destroyed an area more than twice the size of Belgium: more than sixty billion square meters, six times the size of the Amazon fires in 2019. More than a thousand homes have been destroyed, hundreds more damaged, thousands of people evacuated, clouds of smoke the size of Europe… and more than a hundred fires are still active. To pretend that something like this is normal is simply proof that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Fires are a regular event in Australia. Some species of eucalyptus, in fact, depend on fires to release their seeds. But this year is very different: the fire season started much earlier, coinciding with record high temperatures and following a prolonged drought: exactly what scientists predicted when they calculated the effects of a climate change that is now an emergency


Australia’s current season of fires are what happens when an incompetent government is faced with the effects of climate change.

Fires and climate change are linked, and to deny this is simply to ignore the facts

. But beyond the scientific facts, what Australia’s entry into the Age of Fire, the Pyrocene, proves conclusively are the consequences of irresponsible policy. The fires in Australia are a chronicle of a suicide foretold. Years of conservative governments funded by the coal industry and with no environmental policies have put the country at the bottom of the list of nations working to combat the climate emergency. And when you ignore emergencies, that’s what happens: you suffer their effects.


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