ACCEB Daily Briefing – Apr 11th

  • Trump’s executive order calls for a revision of the Clean Water Act in a bid to weaken individual state’s power to block oil and gas pipeline projects, and an update on safety regulation to facilitate transportation of natural gas.
  • Putin says he is mulling over ratifying the Paris Agreement after a thorough study.
  • World Bank’s new chief affirms that the organization will maintain its anti-coal policy and continue to support developing countries to address climate change.
  • EPA reaffirms Trump’s decision to ease fuel efficiency and emission regulation adopted under the Obama administration.
  • California demanded in a lawsuit that EPA and NHTSA provide data that the organizations used to justify rollback on emission regulation.
  • Shell will plant $300 million worth of forest in the next three years and offer carbon offset options at stations.
  • Australia issues the first carbon offset credit under compliance from soil sequestration.