ACCEB Daily Briefing – Apr 7th

  • US Securities and Exchange Commission spoke in favor of Exxon Mobil Corp, noting that the company is not liable for setting emission targets requested by shareholders.
  • Denmark and Sweden strengthened energy integration by merging gas market.
  • France will start auctions for Guarantees of Origin from September.
  • UK government revealed new timelines for T-1 capacity auction during a capacity market standstill period imposed by the Tempus Decision.
  • Norway’s oil fund has seen an increase in its upper limit for investment in renewable energy to $13.9 billion, double the existing figure.
  • Spain has introduced a new decree that enables collective consumption and compensation of surplus energy.
  • UNFCCC Adaptation week will take place on the 2nd week of April
  • Austria’s largest energy supplier Wien Energie introduced a blockchain-based refrigerator that allows sustainable energy consumption.