ACCEB Daily Briefing – Apr 1st

  • President Trump revived construction of a TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline facility with an executive order, a permit that will allow importation of crude oil from Canada to the US.
  • US EPA approved 35 small refinery exemptions from RFS obligations for the year 2017, cutting more demand for biofuel.
  • A fleet of US corporates launched the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, the largest group of green energy buyers to date.
  • A US federal judge ruled against President Trump’s plan to sell Arctic drilling rights.
  • China may begin a nation-wide carbon emission trading scheme in 2020, according to a senior climate official.
  • Australia’s opposition leader offered a climate plan that includes allowing companies again to buy international carbon credits for compliance.
  • Korean companies have trouble securing carbon credits due to low trading volume.
  • The largest Austrian energy provider Wien Energie announced an EV charger based on distributed ledger technology.
  • Haitian government intends to use blockchain technology to boost the country’s agriculture sector.