Out of the West: Limerick company strikes new French deal


BHSL Hydro, which started out converting poultry manure to energy on the O’Connor farm, has now agreed a new €1.5m deal to sell its technology in France.
The deal involves the sale of BHSL Hyrdro’s fluidised bed combustion (FBC) technology to Liger Bioconcept which is a new joint venture between bio-energy company Liger, algae specialist and fertiliser manufacturer Olmix and pig processor Jean Floch.
The 1.4 megawatt thermal plant at a fertiliser plant in Brittany, will burn digestate (or by-product) sourced from a large anaerobic digester located nearby, that processes a mixture of food waste, animal manure and waste water sludge, transforming it into biogas….

An excerpt from Limerick Leader